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Screws and nuts


Fixing tools

Fasteners for metal

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  • Blind rivet-nuts, open ends or closed ends, with ribs or hexagonal, for thin metal sheets. All kinds of heads, flat, large, flush, countersunk.
  • Self clinching nuts with anchoring flutes, threaded studs and threaded spacers for thin metal sheets.
  • The cage-nut allows a fast fastening in thin metal sheets, already punched.
  • Special parts
  • Rivets

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Fasteners for plastic

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  • Threaded inserts and standard threaded studs for heat insertion, moulding or cold insertion, in all types of plastics.
  • Self tapping inserts for plastics and light alloy.
  • Special screw for plastics
  • Others screws

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Fasteners for wood

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Threaded inserts for a setting by expanding into all woods.

Threaded inserts for a setting by splitting into all woods for a high resistance.

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SIMAF-CFF specializes in manufacturing industrial fasteners. SIMAF-CFF sells fasteners for all supports, in stock or on order. <br> SIMAF-CFF has a wide selection in stock of fasteners for wood (such as self-tapping inserts to screw, slotted expansion inserts, cylindrical bushings to be removed, etc.), fasteners for metal (such as flush or flat head crimping nuts with anchor splines, hexagonal flush or flat head crimping nuts, countersunk head crimping nuts, sheet metal edge pliers, rivets, studs, balusters,. ..), from fasteners for plastics (such as flanged, split, flanged, flanged split flange inserts, split headless, hot-laid studs, single or double chevron threaded inserts with or without flange, inserts for overmolding, screws or self-tapping inserts, ...).
The SIMAF-CFF catalog also offers many type fastening products screws or bolts (such as screws, nuts, rods, bolts ...).      You will also find in our catalogs many fixing tools manual or oleo-pneumatic.

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